Sometimes you want to overeat.

You want to finish your delicious entrée.

You want to have a slice of the pumpkin pie and a slice of the pecan pie.

You want another helping of your Grandmother’s casserole that she only makes on special occasions.

When you decide to overeat, just like your reason why—and then don’t beat yourself up afterward.


Really savor it.

Be happy that you ate it.

“Be happy that I ate it?”


When you’re happy about your choice to overeat in that moment, you spare yourself the self-punishment that follows when you judge yourself for overeating.  That self-punishment usually begins with mean self-talk and then can escalate to either you using that one overeat as a reason to continue overeating (“I blew it!  I may as well finish the box/bag/pan.”), or you threaten yourself with restriction (“Absolutely no treats for the next week!”)—which only sets you up for more overeating when you eventually rebel.  I know you know what I’m talking about here.

Instead, I invite you to give yourself the space to overeat on occasion if you really, really want to—and when you do, choose to take ownership of it.  That puts you in the place of empowerment.  There is a difference between saying, “I’m choosing to overeat right now and I’m good with it,” vs. “I don’t have control; I’m such a loser.”

Overeat once and move on.


Overeat, beat yourself up, and overeat some more.

The choice is yours.