About a month ago, I started a new album on Facebook called “The Cats I Meet on My Walk.”  Almost every day I add to it because it seems that I’ve moved beyond my role as the Thought Whisperer to now include Cat Whispering.  Cats who have never met me before come running up to me to get some loves and rubs.  Over time, I have collected a few regulars.  Toby, the big orange cat with the cleft palate is probably my biggest fan.  He is usually the last cat I see as I head up the street towards my car.

Last week I was passing Toby’s house and I didn’t see him.  I was almost to the top of the hill when I finally spotted him sleeping on a slope in the sunshine.  I thought it was the sweetest thing!  I started snapping photos with my phone as I normally do, moving closer and closer with each one.  I stopped at about ten feet away to take in how content he was.  And then I saw it…

Standing right above Toby on the other side of the fence was a small deer.  She was just as interested in the cat as I was, but she must have froze as I walked closer.  I didn’t even see her at first because I was so focused on Toby.  She was right in front of me the whole time.  Had I not looked up, I would have missed her.  I stood there enjoying both of them for a full five minutes, until she decided it was safe to move and she walked away into the trees.  Wow.  What an awesome experience.

I believe in signs and messages from the Universe.  After the deer left, I asked what her message was.  This is what I heard:

“Broaden your view.  There’s more to life than just what’s in front of you.”

Again, WOW.

How many times are we so focused on one thing that we miss what else is around us?  This makes me think of the weight struggle and how singularly focused we can be on what we weigh.  We design our day around it for goodness sake!

“I should eat this”.

“I shouldn’t eat that”.

“What am I going to wear today?”

“Does this make me look fat?”

We’re so busy focusing on our weight that we’re often missing out on life. 

And there is so much beauty and goodness to drink in if we just looked up and noticed it.

The interesting thing about that is that for my clients who practice shifting their focus to noticing the good that’s already in their lives, their need to focus on their weight naturally begins to fall away.  By broadening their view, they soon find that they don’t need to look a certain way or be at a certain weight to feel happy.

Then the ironic thing happens: When a woman shifts her focus from her weight to how much joy she can create for herself each day, she feels so good that her weight tends to shift on its own without much thought or effort.

For this week, I invite you to keep a journal and write down three awesome things you noticed each day.   It could be anything—a beautiful sunset; something amazing that happened at work; even the crinkle of a loved one’s nose when they laugh.   Broaden your view to include anything that lights you up!  If you have more than three, include those as well.

At the end of the week, read back over your journal entries and see how you feel.  If you enjoyed this practice, I invite you to keep going. By doing this day after day, you train your brain to automatically look for the good in your life.  Not only does this lift your mood, it tends to reduce emotional eating, too.

You get to choose what you focus on each day.

Your weight?  Or the goodness in your life?

What is it going to be for you today?