This is really important for you to know: Even though I’ve been doing great on this 90 Day Practice Project, it’s not without its daily need for thought work. You might think this must be really easy for me because I am a coach. Well, it’s not. I think thoughts just like you. And just like you, some thoughts serve me and some thoughts don’t.

These are the thoughts I heard myself saying in my head this week:

I miss toast and butter. (wheat & dairy)

I miss Parmesan cheese. (dairy)

I miss my favorite chocolate bar. (wheat, dairy, and sugar)

Here’s the truth: I miss the taste, but I don’t miss the consequences.

When you think thoughts like the ones that popped into my mind this week, I invite you to really break them down.

If you choose to go ahead and eat that, what are the consequences of taking that action?

Digestive problems?

Skin breakouts?

Weight gain (or the prevention of weight loss)?

If you say you want something, what you’re really saying is that you want the end result, but most people don’t think that way. They only think about the thing they want in the moment and not the result that comes after.

I invite you to start looking at the bigger picture and telling yourself the truth.

When you start hearing your mind trying to talk you into eating or drinking something your body doesn’t like or need, I invite you to immediately think of the consequence you’re going to experience afterwards. Once you have that in your mind, I invite you to replace the initial “want” with the consequence of that want. And then say it out loud to yourself.

Why out loud? Because hearing yourself say the truth can be enough to stop you from following through with that action without any drama. For example:

“I want an ice cream cone” becomes “I want gas and bloating.”

“I want a second (or third) cupcake,” becomes “I want to stay at my current weight or go higher.”

Does your perception change when you look at it this way?

Do yourself a huge favor and stop telling yourself you want something you ultimately don’t want.

The thoughts “I miss it” or “I want it” will drive you to eat it.

The thoughts “I don’t miss the results I get from eating that” or “I don’t want that result” will drive you to skip it.

What do you want more? Immediate gratification? Or long-term results?

If it’s long-term results you want, tell yourself the truth about the choice you’re about to make, and then follow through with the action that serves your highest good.