Fully sugar, wheat, and dairy-free this week! I really made an effort to set myself up for success by having groceries on hand and that made all the difference.

I was thinking about my prior grocery shopping habit of always adding bread, crackers, cheese, and yogurt to my cart. The thinking behind that was this:

I’m tired of cooking and cleaning up; I want food with minimal preparation.

I want to have go-to items that are quick and easy.

Basically, these items were “instant.” No preparation required except for opening the package.

If quick and easy was the main driver here, then the solution I needed to come up with was how do I make my wheat and dairy-free foods more easily available.

The solution was making bigger batches of food ahead of time so that I always have prepared items ready in the fridge.

First, however, I needed to get over my negative thought about being tired of cooking and cleaning up.

Telling myself that I don’t want to take the actions that create the result I want will ensure that I’ll never have it.

If cooking (and the inevitable clean up afterwards) is a path to the outcome I want, then I need to tell myself the truth:

I want to cook.

I want to clean up.

If I want the result, then I must also want to take the actions that will create it.

Adding the element of fun seems to brighten any task, so I figured out a way to make cooking and clean up more fun for myself: By listening to my favorite podcasts while I’m working in the kitchen. This makes the time fly by and I learn something new as a bonus!

Though I am managing the transition to this new way of eating pretty well, I do think it’s some kind of sick joke that my FB news feed now seems to be filled with photos of pizza, pasta, and mac & cheese! As I scroll down, I see more photos of fancy donuts, frothy cappuccinos, and buttery croissants. I mean, seriously, Facebook???  You’re killing me!

Maybe these kinds of photos were already in my news feed, but because I’ve decided to skip sugar, wheat, and dairy for this Practice Project, suddenly the items that contain those ingredients are more on my radar. Your brain does filter out a lot in your environment and tunes in to whatever you are focused on in the moment—like when you’re in the market for a new car and then that particular car is all you start noticing on the road.

I’m going to take that as a cue to stop focusing on what I’m trying to avoid and instead shift my mind to the wide variety of foods I can have. I will also focus on the results I am moving toward instead of entertaining any thoughts about what I might be “missing.”

Even though I seem to be more aware of food photos at the moment, I find that I am truly not interested in eating those items. Why? Because practicing this this new way of eating for two weeks is already producing results! I look in the mirror and I see that I have no new breakouts on my face, I have more energy, and some minor digestive issues I had been experiencing before have much improved. If I feel this good already, I can only imagine how great I will feel as more time passes!

How was YOUR week?

What did you do that you feel good about?

What are the areas that you can offer yourself some more support? 

Here are some prompts from this week’s post that you can use to set yourself up for success:

What are the drivers behind the current habit you want to change? (example: for me, the main driver was wanting quick and easy food options)


How can you still meet that need while staying in alignment with your goal? (example: for me, the solution was preparing bigger batches of food ahead of time and having it ready to grab n’ go)


If you want the result, you have to want to take the actions that will create it. How can you make those necessary actions more fun for yourself in order to follow through?


What are the benefits you will gain by staying committed to your new practice?


Thanks for following along with me this week! I’d love to hear how your 90 day journey is going. Feel free to connect with me and post your weekly progress on my Facebook page here. If the tools I share in these updates are helping you, please let me know. I always appreciate feedback, as it helps me to improve the content I share with you.

Have a great week!