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Suyin saved my life. Twice. I was literally drowning in thoughts of self doubt and self hate a year ago when I first reached out to her. I was swallowing my stress and fears with ice cream and cookies, the pounds adding on like cement blocks, dragging me further down into despair. Then, Suyin threw me a life raft.

From the first time we spoke, she was able to zero in on what I was feeling and expose the reasons I kept gaining weight. Then, she made me see things from a new perspective. For the first time, I had control again and felt wonderful. Our sessions only lasted about eight weeks (once a week), but it was long enough to realize the person holding me under water this whole time was myself.

I reached out to her again recently in a serious time of stress because I felt like I was going under again. I was back in a spot where all I could think of 24/7 was food. What to eat and what not to eat. Fixating on chocolate. It was exhausting. My coach was there waiting for me again, with new perspectives and new tools to put me back on track. Now, I’m pounds lighter and losing more every week because I’m eating food that nourishes me instead of food that makes me sick. Suyin is patient and kind and the best listener I’ve ever met. She has an uncanny ability to grasp exactly what you’re saying, and walk you through simple steps to new answers and points of view.

She’s more than a weight coach, she’s a life coach, because her teachings have impacted every area of my life.

Denver, CO

Suyin is deeply nurturing and insightful, delightfully funny and warm and open. The depth and perspective she brings to her coaching is invaluable as she shows you the tools to change your body, your mind and your life. She teaches you how to harness the incredible energy and life force inside you by creating and deepening an intense connection with yourself. Where I had spent a lifetime gripped in struggle, I watched in amazement as the battle, the draining, exhausting fight just dissolved away. I gained the most precious insights into the way I view myself, others, and the world around me. Believing in Suyin and opening my mind and heart to her process is the best gift I ever gave myself. Today I ordered a DVD copy of The Inner Weigh. Of course I have to see my coach in action!

Karachi, Pakistan

I’m so glad I made the investment to work with Suyin. She is a thoughtful and compassionate coach who helped me see things in a different way. She gave me tools to practice that I still use today.

Novato, CA

For those considering Suyin as a life coach, Suyin was a great asset and inspiration at steering me to reach my personal goal of physical and mental health. This process is a journey and she was acutely intuitive at selecting the parts of my thinking that needed to be adjusted. I would recommend her services highly if you are looking for honest guidance.

The Woodlands, TX

Suyin is a lovely combination of kindness and smarts. She asks useful questions, shares helpful information and creates a safe space to explore sometimes difficult issues. I knew every time we spoke I would learn something and I would be pushed to question myself but always in a caring way. She has a rare gift to connect, nurture and support.

Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Suyin is a fun-filled ticket to freedom and I highly recommend! She has laser sharp insight and I found that Suyin quickly identified the essence of the work that needed to be done during each call and email exchange. In an enthusiastic and light hearted way, she coached me through and beyond! She now lives inside my head, and I have shown up consciously for my life in every moment.

Toronto, Canada

When I contacted Suyin, I was living a life in which I felt trapped in a dark place and I had no idea how to get out. I went to her for weight loss, but experienced a transformation beyond anything I could have dreamed. She lit a path for me that led me to a place of peace, self love, creativity, and truth. She is incredibly perceptive and uses a great combination of directness and compassion to get you to your best life. Now when I hit a bump in the road, I have the tools to handle it in healthy and even productive ways. I have lost weight many times before, but with Suyin, I lost weight and gained a whole new life. I also loved the format of telephone sessions combined with email support. I could fit everything easily into my busy schedule, and the email coaching forced me to the written page where I had to face my beliefs about myself and my world head on. I can’t imagine where my life would be without the work Suyin and I did together. It was a game changer.

The Woodlands, TX

Suyin taught me to look at my life without judgment. This made the process interesting and fun, rather than daunting. I learned a good deal about myself and my beliefs with Suyin’s help. She has an uncanny ability to ask the questions that lead to unraveling a limiting thought or belief. And her coaching style is very encouraging. I never felt pushed or judged. Suyin created at atmosphere that was both peaceful and supportive. My experience with Suyin has changed my life. The way I think has changed. I have let go of so many negative thoughts and beliefs. I use the tools that Suyin taught me everyday. When I initially talked to Suyin, I told her that more than losing weight, I wanted to end the obsession with food and weight. That is exactly what we accomplished. I feel free from the struggle. A friend asked me if I had lost more weight the other day and my honest answer was that I didn’t know. I told her that my clothes were looser, so probably so. Her reply to that was that she had never seen someone lose weight so effortlessly. And what Suyin taught me has made it effortless. It is a fantastic feeling.”

Springfield, MO

Before working with Suyin, I considered myself to be a typical overweight and unhappy woman. My self-esteem was at a very low place and practically non-existent. As I started participating in her coaching sessions, she helped me to realize the beauty within me at that was already there. I learned that happiness does not come when x, y, and z occur. Happiness is cultivated within us NOW if we choose to let it, and Suyin helped me understand this concept. She gave me exercises to help me learn to love my body, heal my relationship with food, and add more joy to my life. Her approach kindly encourages you to see the truth about yourself and grow from it. I am honestly so much more confident now, that I know I would feel this way no matter what my weight is. I give thanks to Suyin for helping me to conquer my food and body image struggles, as those obstacles no longer keep me from my success.”

York, PA

I just wanted to drop a note and tell you what an amazing change you sparked in my life!  I kind of thought in the back of mind, “What if I feel all this love and then it goes away when I am not talking to Suyin every week?” … But guess what?  I can actually say, “You know what?  I really love myself (without that grimace on my face).”  You introduced me to someone I long ago thought I didn’t need to have a relationship with … MYSELF!

Keep putting that magic out in the universe!  Thank you!!!

Satanta, KS

For my 40th birthday, feeling desperate, I gave myself the gift of weight loss coaching with Suyin. Yes, my clothes began to feel looser right away. But for me the real miracle in Suyin’s work was how she cut right through the limits I had set for myself. From the get-go and without wavering, she held a vision of my true potential: no matter what colorful food issues (and there were many) my mind threw in our path. By the end of our sessions I had literally discovered a new and shining Me.

Thank you, thank you Suyin!

Brisbane, Australia