Perfectionism is a cruel trickster.  It promises us the world but it never delivers.  Why?  Because perfection is unattainable.

The rules of beauty are always evolving and every season a new product is marketed to offer a remedy to something we didn’t even know was a “problem.”  I’ll never forget the day I saw an ad for an underarm deodorant that contained a bleaching agent.  OMG!  Now we have to worry about what our underarms look like?  Are you kidding me???

I was so angry.

For about a minute.

Until I realized that buying into this idea was a choice, and I was choosing not to shame myself over my underarms.

Even though body shaming is rampant in our beauty-obsessed culture, we do not have to participate in it.

Life is offers its share of challenges to each of us; let’s not heap even more pain upon ourselves by judging our bodies on a daily basis.

Our bodies are valuable.

So very valuable.

When my mom had a stroke and could no longer bathe or dress herself, I remember kneeling down on the floor to help her put her pants on and then one sock at a time.  That was a life-changing moment for me.

There I was in a body that could kneel down on the floor.  I was in a body that allowed me to help my mom when her body stopped working.  My body’s value was never more apparent to me than in that moment, and I have seen it through new eyes ever since.

Be willing to see your body through new eyes. 

Be willing to see its value and treat it like the treasure it is.

What’s the kindest thing you can say to your body today?  Start there, and slowly begin to replace any body-shaming thoughts with thoughts of gratitude and love.

Trust me when I tell you that your body will respond to your kindness, and you’ll feel ten thousand times better without all of that negative gunk in your head.