Self-Love is the Answer

I took all my best weight loss tools and created a self-coaching guide called Love Yourself Lighter: How to End Your Weight Struggle by Changing the Way You Think. The book is divided into eight sections that build upon each other as you take yourself through the process each week. The content within the chapters will not only help you understand why you’re holding on to extra weight, but it also offers solutions to help you release it as you follow the weekly homework assignments that correspond with each section.

As you read the pages, you’ll feel like I’m speaking directly to you—because I am. I wrote this book for you. I want help you ditch your Diet Mentality Mindset so that you can feel relaxed around food, develop a connected relationship with your body, and take great care of yourself in a way that assures you keep the results you create.

Good morning Suyin. I just wanted you to know that your book really is inspiring me. I am seeing that I really can become anyone or anything I want to be. I have decided to register to take a course to become a master certified aromatherapist. I will be opening an alternative medicine clinic here in the village. It is something that would be a huge help to the village I live in, plus it would be an income for me. I don’t have to hide anymore!! I can come out and live and do things!!

You know what else is so great about all this?? It’s taking my focus off of my body and weight loss and allowing me to live and do and become!! My life isn’t just about weight loss anymore!! And that’s pretty huge for me!!


This book was a lifetime game-changer for me. I have never felt so good and happy about my body and my life and am amazed at how Suyin Nichols has made the process of losing weight actually enjoyable instead of it being about deprivation and beating myself up all the time. Every chapter had me looking over my shoulder wondering if Suyin could read my mind… she TOTALLY gets the thought battles behind our weight struggles and makes the reader feel known, loved, accepted, and encouraged on the journey to a healthy body. I have recommended this book to EVERY SINGLE PERSON I have encountered and just bought two more copies to give as gifts, which I know will bless the recipients as much as this book has blessed me. I will turn to it again and again every time I need a reminder that loving myself is the key to permanent weight loss and true inner joy. Thank you, Suyin Nichols!!!!

Timonium, MD

Love Yourself Lighter is a completely different and radical approach to weight loss, health, and self-esteem/self-love. It’s not about how to change your body quickly in order to feel better about yourself, which is where the media focuses; it’s about how to change your mind in order to create a positive, healthy environment for your body. Your body will change and adapt as your mind changes and as your thoughts improve.

If you have struggled with weight losses and gains, persistent negative thinking, self-sabotage, and harsh judgment of yourself and others, you need to read this book! As I read the book, I found comfort, compassion, and warm humor in Suyin’s descriptions of how many of us approach weight loss and health. I realized that I wasn’t alone in my negative thinking and despair. Other people injure and sabotage themselves with their own thoughts, too!

I learned that the problem wasn’t with my body. It was with my thinking. The book allowed me to do spring cleaning inside my head and lay down a foundation for long-term change. Some of that change is happening quickly (no more dressing room self-loathing sessions and size wars), and some of it is going to take a lot of work and commitment (changing eating habits permanently over time), but I know that I’m on a happier, healthier path because of this book. I’m being much kinder and gentler with myself as I work to make changes in my health. I reread sections of the book often, and I choose Power Thoughts to help me navigate challenging situations. The book is never far from me these days.

Portland, OR