You’ve been there. We all have.

You’ve set out on a plan to get healthy and you’re doing great. You’re making wise choices that feel good to you, and those choices are creating the results you deeply want for yourself.

Then someone offers you a drink or food that’s not on your plan, and you are faced with a choice: Take care of yourself by saying “No, thank you,” or abandon your plan and accept the food or drink being offered.

A high percentage of people faced with this choice will default to the latter.

Why do we abandon ourselves so easily?

It’s a weird form of self-preservation, really.

Here’s how the inner dialogue goes:

Dialogue #1

“If I refuse, I will hurt their feelings, and then they will think ill of me. I want to be liked, so I will sacrifice my health goals and eat or drink what’s offered.”

Dialogue #2

“If I refuse, they will think I’m on a diet. I don’t want people to think that, because then it means that there is something wrong with me that I’m trying to change. I want to fit in, so I must join in with the eating and drinking to appear “normal.”

Supplemental Dialogue:

“Well, now I’ve blown it. I may as well eat everything, because tomorrow I’ll go back to being strict again.”

What I invite you to see here is that these are just stories in your mind.

You can’t hurt other people’s feelings—especially by taking care of yourself.

If someone decides to feel hurt because you choose to stay true to your health goals—that would definitely be a friendship worth evaluating.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy, and great health is created by small choices made in the moment.

Too many women are worried that the thoughts other people will think about them when they say “No, thank you” are going to be negative—BUT—what if by saying “No, thank you,” you are actually offering inspiration to others because you are providing an example that it’s okay to be totally yourself, which includes taking care of yourself in the moment.

We need more women like this in the world.

I invite you to be one of them.