Let’s face it:  Before and After photos sell.

They sell the promise of a slim jawline, thin thighs, and a flat stomach.

They sell the promise of never-ending happiness and a successful life.

But they don’t always tell the whole truth.

Beyond the good lighting, spray tans, and oil-glistened skin, you have no idea what it took to get that body—or what it will take to keep it.

So, before you go comparing yourself negatively to someone’s “After” photo, consider what that particular “look” may be costing that person.

Does it take extreme restriction to get that flat stomach?

Does it take enduring constant hunger to get that slim jawline?

Do they suffer from self-hate, telling themselves that their thighs still aren’t thin enough?

And what will happen after the cleanse is over, or they stop taking the pills, or stop drinking the shakes and go back to eating real food?

You and I both know what happens.  We know because we’ve been there.

Keep this in mind the next time you notice yourself being seduced by Before and After photos.  Keep in mind, too, that there is little room for that promised happiness when restriction, constant hunger, and self-hate are your daily companions.

Instead of the usual kinds of photos we see, I wish we had images celebrating the vibrant energy of those who have succeeded in cultivating a healthy relationship with food and with their body after years of diet hell.  Sure, they may not always look like the hard-bodies in the glossy photos, but they radiate with the glow of genuine happiness as they enjoy the long-term results they continue to create from a place of truly loving themselves.

I would much rather have that any day.

How about you?


If you long to have a peaceful relationship with food and your body, but you need help ending the “Binge-Diet-Binge” cycle, contact me here and let’s talk! I have some coaching spots available… is one of them yours?