You know when you keep getting signs that you just can’t ignore?

Last night on my Facebook page I posted this quote:

Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors.

This morning, within in the span of about an hour, three different quotes referencing “doors” showed up in my FB news feed!

This is way too much of a coincidence for me, so I took it as a sign that I needed to explore the metaphor of doors a little further.

What came to me is the image of a long hall with many doors on both sides. Each door has a sign on it.

One might say, “A Successful Career in a field I love.”

Another might say, “A loving companion to share my life with.”

A little farther down the hall the door might read, “A healthy relationship with food.”

There are countless doors to choose from.

Some you freely walk through, no problem: “Great friendships with like-minded people” or “Responsible pet ownership.” Easy-peasy, right?

Some you need a little courage to grasp the doorknob and walk through, but you still do it: “Take a course in a subject that interests me” or “Public Speaking” or “Travel to an exotic destination on my Bucket List.”

But then there are the doors you avoid altogether. The ones you’ve told yourself are not for you.

“Great Wealth”

“Romantic Love”

“Maintain a healthy weight without a struggle.”

You don’t even entertain those doors because you’ve already decided that you don’t get to have that.


Who says you don’t get to have that?

You know who?


You’re the only one stopping yourself from having what you want.

Somewhere you picked up a story that blocks you from believing you can have it.

I’ve been there, and I get it. I used to believe that my body was the enemy, and that I was powerless against food. With the help of coaching, I was able to identify that story and make the conscious choice to change it. I can now easily walk through the door that says, “Total freedom around food while feeling great in my body.” I decided that was for me, and I’ve made it so.

What doors have you told yourself are not for you?

I invite you to make a detailed list of the doors you don’t let yourself walk through and then take yourself through this process with each one:

  • Imagine each door you block yourself from entering and write down what the sign says on it.
  • Next to the sign on the door, write down why you think it’s not for you.
  • Remind yourself that this reason is just a story, and that the only reason it has felt true is because you believed it was true. But it isn’t. There are other versions of the story you can choose.
  • Re-write the story where you make it okay for you to have the very thing that’s behind that door.
  • Decide to walk through the door and claim it!

Fully claiming the thing you once denied yourself might take some time and effort, but at least the possibility is now open to you.

The brain can change its neural pathways with repetition, so keep practicing telling yourself the new story until it feels like, “Of course I can have that!”

And yes, my friend –

Of course you can have that.


Do you need help allowing yourself to have what you want? Reach out to me here and let’s talk about how coaching can help you change the belief patterns that have you stuck in a rut. I’m living proof that coaching works! Let me share with you what I know. Can’t wait to talk with you!