Stop Fighting The Awesome

Have you ever noticed how much little children like themselves? They love to play and laugh, they think their bodies are cool and fascinating, and they are never afraid to ask for what they want. They know how awesome they are and have a great sense of self-worth… until they are conditioned out of it.

You are naturally awesome.  Deep down you know this this is true, but you are fighting it.  You have bought into negative programming for so long, that you would rather deny your Inner Awesome than give up the identity you have built on a foundation of lies.

No one can blame you.  You were not taught that you have the option of rejecting a belief that feels bad, so you hold on to it, even if it causes you to create emotional pain for yourself.

And it is painful to deny what’s awesome about you, isn’t it?  Your goodness is constantly rising to the surface, but you spend great deal of energy trying to push it down.

When you sabotage yourself just as you are beginning to see results, you are fighting the awesome

When you put having fun on hold, you are fighting the awesome.

When you squash your own joy with judgments and mean self-talk, you are fighting the awesome.

You can stop now.

A former client who was working on releasing the habit of self-sabotage once said to me, “Actually, shining comes quite naturally. I’m seeing that it takes a lot of work to NOT be shining.”

Ain’t that the truth!