How I Survived Bathing Suit Shopping

Something remarkable happened today.

I went bathing suit shopping and tried on over a dozen suits.  Each suit I put on seemed worse than the next.  What’s the remarkable part about this scenario?  NOT ONCE did I have a moment of body hatred.

None of the suits worked out, but I didn’t blame my body.  I blamed the suits.  The cut wasn’t right, the style wasn’t flattering, or I didn’t like the print or color.  My body is not wrong – the suits just didn’t work for my figure and I was okay with that.  I left the dressing room just as peaceful as I walked in.

The only moment of annoyance I noticed during this whole experience was when I tried on a suit that seemed really tight and restrictive.  I later noticed that it was one of those “miracle suits” that is supposed to make you look 10lbs slimmer.  I was annoyed by the thought that our bodies have to be restricted from breathing and free movement, just so that we can look thinner.  No thanks!  I like to feel free when I’m in the water.  That’s the point of swimming (for me anyway) and I would never buy a suit that I had trouble breathing in.  Oh, the price of vanity!  Call me crazy, but I enjoy my oxygen with abundant regularity.

The search for the right suit is still on, but I like that I loved my body in that dressing room today.

My body is not wrong.  Neither is yours.  Ever.