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Love Yourself Lighter

All these years you’ve been using shame and self-hate to motivate yourself to change, but it’s not working.

Why not give LOVE a try?

The ultimate outcome most people have for wanting to repair their relationship with food is to feel free, be happier, and like themselves more.  Why, oh why then do they make themselves completely miserable during the process?

Is this YOU?

Do you call yourself mean names and point out all of your shortcomings, hoping that if you make yourself feel bad enough you will finally take action?


Do you put yourself on a diet that’s so restrictive, you eventually rebel with overeating because the extreme deprivation causes you to fixate on food?


Do you sabotage yourself the minute you start to see some progress, only to beat yourself up even more?

If shame-driven motivation worked, you wouldn’t still be struggling with food. You wouldn’t feel like food runs your life, and it wouldn’t be a battle to make healthy choices.

The shame and self-hate approach simply doesn’t work.

Not only that, but it’s the very thing that keeps you locked in the struggle. The more you dislike yourself, the more you punish yourself. And the more you punish yourself, the worse you feel about yourself. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen self-imposed misery lead to happiness and liking yourself more.

The path you choose to take will match the result you get.

Miserable path, miserable outcome. You probably have plenty of evidence of this in your past dieting history.

If you want to create a positive outcome for yourself, you need to use the kind of tools that will help you build it. In the case of healing emotional overeating, the tools of self-kindness and self-love are required.

It makes sense that the path you take should match the result you want, right?

But now you’re thinking, “I don’t know any other way than the way I’ve been using. I know it doesn’t work, but I keep hoping it will be different next time.”

In order for you to have a different outcome, you are going to have to apply a different approach.


It’s time to Love Yourself Lighter.